Planning an abroad trip, once the international ban is lifted? Also planning to get a passport made before that?
You may be in luck as you might get a passport upgrade.
Yes, a chip-enabled passport that will make your passport electronic is being initiated by the Indian Government.

Also known as e-passport, This futuristic leap will follow the protocol of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). In other words, it will be difficult to tamper with an e-passport and any tampering detected, will lead to passport authentication failure, thus providing digital security for the identity of an individual.


What Exactly is an E-Passport?

An e-passport has a chip which uses biometrics and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). The embedded microchip, along with an internationally recognized logo intended for e-passports, will contain all the passport holder's vital information.
The chip will be enabled to store data upto 30 international visits and prevent unauthorised data transfer through RFID.


Advantages of E-Passport

  • Since the chip contains the vital details of the passport holder (name, DOB, profile photo, fingerprints, and biometrics of the iris), it can be easily transmitted to the airport and government officials.

  • The processing time at all airports is upgraded to a higher automatic system that allows passengers to travel quickly from immigration to security areas.

  • Unlike conventional passports, forgery can be avoided. The chip has a high degree of security features that are harder to replicate, such as microtext and complex watermarks.

  • There is no need for physical contact to verify your credentials. Passengers can simply get their chip scanned and verified and move on to the security check area.

So far, there have been 20,000 e-passports issued to officials and diplomats on a trial basis. If successful, the Ministry shall start issuing e-passport to all citizens.
The target is to manufacture 10,000 passports per hour and 50,000 per day, which might be scaled up to 20,000 per hour.


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