The indian passports are valid only upto a period of 10 years.To continue using the service of passport prior to the expiry of 10 years or after the validity expires.You will need to Renew or Re-issue your  passport.It is a way through which you can renew your old passport.


What is a passport ?

A passport is a travel document,typically issued by the government of a country,certifying its holder’s identity and nationality, primarily for the purpose of international travel.It is similar to an identity proof which contains the name of the bearer and address,the place of birth,the date of birth,the date of expiry,the passport number,the photo and signature.


Types of passport.

There are four types of indian passport.

The blue passport is a regular passport used for normal indian citizen.

The white passport  is the official passport issue to the government authorities representing the indian government on official business.

The maroon passport is used to indian ambassadors, Members of parliament, Members of the council of Ministers of the union, some high-ranking government officials and diplomatic courriers are to be released.

The Orange passport is basically by indian government which  has announced its decision to present a larger segment of the population with the orange passport.It is intended to differentiate a person who has not focused on class 10 in the past.

Documents for passport renewal

There are certain documents required for passport renewal.

  • Reason to renew passport
  • Previous identity/passport number.
  • Date of issue of passport.
  • Date of expiry of passport.
  • Place of issue.
  • File number.
  • Aadhaar card.
  • Pan card.

Procedure for Renewal of passport.

  • Visit
  • Click on the Re-issue of passport.
  • Fill the details required in the form correctly.
  • Make the payment required for the process of the application.
  • Executives will fix an appointment date.
  • You will receive passport by delivery.