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What Documents Are Required For A New Passport?

A driver's license is required to drive a motor vehicle. With the exception of Nepal, you'll require a passport to travel to many other nations. Yes, a passport can be considered a passenger's license because it permits anyone to go to numerous foreign nations while being under the protection of the nation. Thus, whenever anyone Apply for online passport , below are the complete details you'll need to know. Well here's a list of the documents required for Indian passports that you'll need to submit when applying for the application.

What Is The Purpose Of A Passport? What Is The Passport Seva Project, And What Does It Entail?

A passport is mandatory for individuals traveling overseas for learning, worship, vocation, trade, treatment, or family vacations. The rising economy and the expansion of globalization have resulted in a surge in demand for passports and associated costs in recent years. The Passport Seva Project (PSP) was initiated in May 2010 by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to address this rising demand.
Passport Seva facilitates the supply of passports and related services in a straightforward, fast, and consistent way. This initiative establishes an interconnected ecosystem for government employees across the nation, plus it interfaces also with the State Police for inspection of individuals' qualifications and India Post for passport distribution.

What Documents Are Required For An Indian Passport As A New Applicant?

The candidate must provide some documentation when registering for a passport in India. In addition to updating a passport, a new teen's passport, renewing a passport, and reissuing a passport in the country, people will need to submit the following documents.

  1. Address Proof
  2. A few of the below documents required for a fresh passport could be used as proof of address.
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Gas Connection Proof
    • Water Bill
    • Phones (landline/postpaid mobile bill)
    • Power Bills
    • Passbook of an Operating Bank with a Photograph. The Regional Rural Banks, Scheduled Public Sector Banks, and Scheduled Private Sector Indian Bank are qualified for all this.
    • A copy of your spouse's passport (The start and end pages need to include family information, as well as the individual's name as the passport holder's spouse.) If the applicant's address (current) resembles the address on the spouse's passport, this is disclosed.

    It is important to remember that although the individual has only lived there for a short time, he or she must reveal evidence of his or her current address. Applicants shall, therefore, list all of their former residences in the Passport registration form for the prior year (starting from the date of application). Furthermore, all documentation is only accepted if they contain the actual address.

  3. Proof of Birthdate
  4. Some of the below documents required for passport verification can be used to prove your DOB when applying for a fresh passport.
    • The Birth and Deaths Registrar can provide a birth certificate, as well as it could be produced by the Municipal or some other authorized body.
    • E-Aadhaar/Aadhaar Card
    • Transferring/Matriculating/Leaving School; An educational board recognizes a certificate granted by the last school visited.
    • The Transport Department of the respective state government must have granted a driver's license.
    • The Department of IT issues a PAN Card
    • The Election Commission of India would have provided a voter ID, commonly known as an Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC).
    • On the applicant's name, a policy of life insurance

    The applicant's name and date of birth should appear on all relevant documentation as proof of birth. This is particularly true for Aadhaar Cards, Election Cards, PAN Cards, and other documents that don't have the Date of Birth mentioned properly.

    Individuals are frequently concerned or perplexed by how many documents are required for a passport? As a result, we've listed the total number of documents required for a passport verification above for your convenience.

Documents Required For A Fresh Passport For A Minor’s Passport

  1. Both parents' consent is presumed to be present unless otherwise stated.
  2. In the event of minor applicants, current proof of address in favor of the parent should be supplied (s).
  3. If the parents have a passport, they should bring the original as well as self-tested copies to Passport Seva Kendra (PSK).
  4. Underage candidates' records can be verified by their parents.
  5. The minor candidate is eligible for a non-ECR if he or she is under the age of 18.

Proof of Address
  • Certificate of Birth
  • A transferring, school leaving or matriculation certificate is issued by the last recognized educational authority.
  • The Head of the Orphanage/Child Care Home issues a declaration
  • Public Life Insurance Corporations/Companies Issued Policy Bonds
  • Aadhaar card

Proof of your age
  • A copy of the parent's current address
  • Photo Passbook of the Parent's Operating Bank Account
  • A bill for water or electricity
  • Public Life Insurance Corporations/Companies Issued Policy Bonds
  • A bill for a postpaid mobile phone or a landline
  • Aadhaar card
  • The parent's rental agreement
  • If the parent has a passport, the original as well as self-attested copies.

Stamping Passports With ECR Or ECNR

Passports requiring an 'Emigration Check' will be stamped with the words 'ECR Needed.' Passports that do not require an emigration check will not be stamped.

ECR refers to Emigration Check Required, whereas ECNR refers to Emigration Check Not Required. The Protector-General of Emigrants, Ministry of Overseas India Affairs, must issue an 'Emigration Clearance Certificate' to any application with an ECR necessary stamp.

The below-mentioned people are eligible for the Non-ECR Passport Category:
  • All individuals with matriculation or higher educational qualification
  • All children under the age of eighteen
  • GAZETTED government employees, their spouses, and their children
  • All Diplomatic/Official Passport Holders
  • All people above the age of 50 are eligible
  • All individuals who have lived abroad for more than three years, as well as their spouses
  • All persons holding a professional title, their spouses, and dependent children are eligible.
  • Individual income taxpayers (including Agricultural Income Tax payees), their spouses, and dependent children under the age of 18 years
  • Non-ECR Classification Nurses with credentials recognized by the Indian Nursing Council Act of 1947
  • Permanent Immigration Visa holders, such as those from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.
  • Persons with a two-year certificate from a National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) or State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT) accredited institute
  • SCVT refers to people who have completed a three-year diploma or equivalent degree from an institution recognized by the Central/State Governments of India, such as a Polytechnic.

Steps For Applying For A Fresh Passport

  • To receive a fresh passport, you have to go through the link of the website Travel Sahayata
  • The application form will open up with several options. Choose the one that will work for you.
  • The Tatkal application will take up a higher cost. If you need it in an emergency, then choose Tatkal. Otherwise, select another option.
  • You have to choose the type of booklet that goes with your needs.
  • Now, the details of place of birth along with family details must be filled up.
  • In case the applicant for a fresh passport is minor, the required box must be ticked in the terms and conditions.
  • You have to fill up the residential address of the applicant carefully and accurately.
  • The emergency contact details such as phone number and address must be entered.
  • If you have coupon codes, you are allowed to enter the details.
  • Check the accuracy of the form and submit it at once everything is good.

  • The applicants are requested to submit the required details of their birth and residence as they will be cross-checked by the authorities.
  • Users must first register on the Travel Sahayata Portal before submitting an e-Form Submission application for a new passport. After registering yourself, you can log in to the Travel Sahayata Portal.

Passport Applications (In-Person)

  1. To apply for a new passport or a passport reissue in person, go to the Passport Seva Portal and click on option “Printable application form” , an external site which opens in the link to a new window to obtain the application form. The form can be printed once downloaded on normal A4-size paper.
  2. For Rs.10/-, you can acquire a document for a new or reissued passport at the District Passport Cell (DPC).
  3. At the DPC (District Passport Cell ) counter, submit the completed application form along with the photocopies (self-attested) of supporting papers such as a Proof of Date of Birth, Identity Proof with Photograph, Proof of Residence, and Proof of Nationality.
  4. The application form, photos, and documents will be checked by a DPC official. Pay the fees in the form of a Demand Draft once the document has been successfully validated and determined to be done in each aspect (DD).
  5. The applicant's name with DOB and the submission date of this application form should be mentioned on the back of the Demand Draft (DD).
  6. The passport service fee can be calculated using the Fee Calculator available Online.
  7. After you've paid your money, keep the Acknowledgement Letter, which includes a File Number. The file number mentioned can be utilized to track the status of the file in the future.

Few Final Words

Now that you know how many documents are required for a passport, you should also know that when traveling to another country, you must have international travel insurance. We have mentioned all the guidelines and documents required for a passport appointment.
Visitors to some countries are also required to obtain travel insurance. As a result, compare travel insurance plans online, obtain travel insurance quotes from all of your short-listed insurance firms, and then select the one that best suits your needs. Best wishes on your journey!

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