POPSKs and PSKs have resumed passport-related operations as per the relaxations granted by States post-Covid-19. Applicants who intend to book appointments can do so through Travel Sahayata Online Portal. Applicants are required to abide by the rules, carry sanitizers; wear masks during the visit.
Identity Certificate for Passport FAQ | Passport-Sahayata

What is an Identity Certificate?

Identity Certificate (IC) is normally issued to Tibetan Refugees residing in India, from the Regional Passport Office, Delhi (RPO Delhi) on recommendation by the Bureau of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (HHDL), New Delhi. In addition to Tibetan refugees, Stateless people residing in India may also apply for Identity Certificate at the Passport Office within whose jurisdiction they are currently residing.
IC issuance is subject to clearance by Ministry of External Affairs (PSP Division).

Where can I get the Application Form for Identity Certificate?
You can download the Application form from the Passports Sahayata website (https://travelsahayata.com).

Where can I submit the Application Form?
Tibetan Refugees residing in India need to apply at RPO Delhi.
Stateless people residing in India need to apply at the passport office within whose jurisdiction they currently reside.

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