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Dispatch of Passport FAQ

What is the mode for the dispatch of passports?
The mode of passport dispatch is through India Post by Speed Post.

Can I personally collect my passport from the Regional Passport Office (RPO) once it is prepared?
Yes, a Passport can be collected by the applicant in person at their regional RPO only during urgency. It will be required for the applicant to submit an application regarding the same. However, the final decision regarding passport delivery resides with the regional passport officer.

The status on the website says that my passport has been "Dispatched/ Delivered". But I haven't received it yet. What should I do?
The applicant should first check the delivery status of their passport via the tracking utility of India Post’s Speed Post. After that, they should reach out to their concerned speed post center to check the current consignment status. However, if speed post authorities are not able to locate the passport of the applicant or the passport has been sent back to the sender, in that case, the applicant is required to reach out to their respective regional passport office for more assistance.

Do I need to be personally present to collect the passport from the postman or any of my family members can collect it on my behalf?
It is more suitable and recommended for the applicant to be present in person while receiving their passport from the postman. However, if the applicant is absent during the collection of the passport, then the decision resides with the post whether to hand over the passport to the family member of the applicant after a thorough checkup of their identity proof or take it back to the concerned passport office.

The person should immediately approach their respective regional passport office and hand over the received passport to them.

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