How To Apply Online For Passport In India

In today's environment, passports have grown more important. In recent years, getting your passport in India has grown easier. The time it takes to complete the process and for the candidate to acquire his or her passport has also decreased.

A passport is indeed an important document that is necessary for most international travel. It is given by the government of a country and verifies the identification and citizenship of the person who has it. Names, date, place of birth, address, picture, signature, and other information are included.

A Glance At Passport Applications

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India issues passports (MEA). The department has made a committed online system known as Passport Seva that lets citizens of India apply online for a fresh passport. To apply for a passport, the applicant must first visit the Travel Sahayata website and submit the form.

Passport Seva facilitates the supply of passports and related services in a straightforward, fast, and consistent way. This initiative establishes an interconnected ecosystem for government employees across the nation, plus it interfaces also with the State Police for inspection of individuals' qualifications and India Post for passport distribution.

The following are some of the several passport services available:

New Passport

  • In India, anyone can fill out a passport application.
Reissue of Passport
  • You can petition for a reissue of a passport if you need a new one to replace an old passport for any of the reasons listed.
  • Existing personal data has been updated.
  • Validity has already passed or will pass during the next two years.
  • Upwards of three years have gone since the expiration date.
  • The number of posts available has been reached.
  • There has been tampering with the passport.
  • Clearance from the police

Documents Required For Passport

Before starting the process of obtaining a passport in India, it's indeed critical that the applicant has all of the necessary papers. For the appointment, the candidate must bring the original papers to a Passport Seva Kendra / Regional Passport Office. The MEA has published a document list that must be brought to the appointment

The application will then have 90 days to attend its Passport Seva Kendra after completing the online process.

Police Liberalisation Procedure For Passport Issuing Confirmation

Since its beginning, Police Verification (PV) is a vital aspect of the passport issuance process. The mechanisms of official verification have changed throughout time, but the concepts have stayed the same, namely, establishing the applicant's identification, citizenship, and lack of criminal antecedents.

The Ministry has also released the Passport Police App, which allows users to submit Police Verification Reports quickly (PVR). The App would allow field-level verification officials to digitally take PV reports and enter them into the system.

With the introduction of this App, there is no need to acquire and copy the actual Personal Particulars Form accompanying questionnaire, resulting in a paperless edge digital workflow of the PV process, significantly lowering the time necessary to complete PVR within the 21-day deadline.

How To Apply For A Passport Online

Appointment and Online Application

The Online Appointment method was implemented to minimise crowding at Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs) and also to reduce the number of times applicants had to wait. The system will assign an appointment date/time based on the availability of appointments slots at the specified PSK.

How to Apply for A Passport: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. If you are interested in applying for a passport, make sure you visit the link
  2. You have numerous options to choose from in the application window.
  3. Choose the kind of application that you want. If you want tatkal services, they will cost more. You can select Tatkal for emergency cases.
  4. The type of passport booklet for application must be chosen. Fill out the details very carefully.
  5. Mention your place of birth and family details.
  6. Click on the required terms and conditions if the applicant is a minor.
  7. Fill up the area which requires information about the current residential address of the applicant.
  8. Enter the contact such as address and mobile number for an emergency.
  9. If you have any, you can now apply the coupon codes.
  10. Check the accuracy and select submit once you are satisfied.

Note: The applicants are asked to submit their birth and residence proof very carefully as they might be verified by the authorities.

Scheduling Appointment

  1. Upon that Submitted Applications or view the saved screen, click upon the Pay and Schedule Appointment option. You would be able to make an appointment here.
  2. You'll also have to pay a charge for the appointment online. To get your application receipt, click the 'Print Application Receipt' tab after paying the price.
  3. You will receive an SMS including all of the information about your appointment.
  4. The online procedure is now complete, and the applicant must physically visit a Passport Seva Kendra or Regional Passport Office to complete the process. Along with the submission receipt, the applicant must bring all of the needed papers.
  5. The applicant will obtain the passports in a few days after the medical examination and police verification.

Payment Using A Debit Or A Credit Card

The methods below can be followed to pay online passport application fees with a credit/debit card or using Internet Banking.

Step 1: Select the appointments reservation (i.e. Tatkal/Ordinary Quota), the favourable Kendra of Passport Seva, and then enter the “Next” by visiting the link to "Schedule Appointment".

Step 2: To access the State Bank of India's Multi Option Payment System, click on the Pay and Schedule Appointment button (MOPS)

Step 3: Choose a payment method (NET Financial institutions or CARD PAYMENTS), then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction. Please do not use Button or refresh since this may cause the transaction to fail.

Step 4: If the transaction is completed, an appointment will be automatically scheduled and for selected Passport Seva Kendra, and the PSP Portal's "Appointment Confirmation" screen will appear.

Step 5. Print its Application (ARN) Receipt and bring it with you to its Passport Seva Kendra just on the scheduled appointment date and time.

If the payment was successful, appointments for the designated Passport Seva Kendra will be arranged instantly, as well as the PSP Portal's "Appointment Confirmation" page will appear.

Step 6: Print your Application (ARN) Receipt and bring it with you to the Passport Seva Kendra mostly on scheduled appointment days and times.

From the initial appointment date, the online payment will be valid for one year. If candidates do not submit an application to PSK within this time frame, the amount paid will be forfeited.

Chargebacks And Refunds

For passport-related services, there will be no refunds, returns, or exchanges of fees. Multiple purchases for about the same ARN for Passport-related services, including other services, will result in refund requests being handled according to the current rules.

Cancel/Reschedule An Appointment

Within one year of the first appointment date, an applicant will only be entitled to cancel or postpone the appointment twice. Once two rescheduling options have been used or the initial appointment has been set for more than one year, the system will not enable you to make an appointment online for that ARN.

Take a printout of your Application Reference Number (ARN) & bring it to the PSK with you about the scheduled appointment date/time.

Step 1: Bring the required original papers and photocopies to the Passport Seva Kendra. There is no need for a photograph. The series of required papers may be found on the site.

Step 2: Applicants who have been denied tokens despite being nominated due to unavailability of a set of required documents can revert to the same PSK as "WalkIN" for the next 3 working days from the booking date and at the indicated time on the appointment letter.

Step 3: Some types of candidates are permitted to apply as walk-ins, and an online reservation is not required.

Online Registration Appointments (Walk-in)

Few services for example, ‘Tatkaal’ and issuance of PCC Certificates, and few types of applicants, for example, the minors, senior citizens, and persons who are differently-abled are permitted to present the online duly-registered application with an ARN number as applicants (Walk-in) in order to facilitate the submission of passport applications at Passport Seva Kendras, Applicants in these categories must immediately register their applications online, acquire an ARN number, and contact the appropriate Passport Seva Kendra as soon as possible (no prior appointment required). Additionally, applicants must also check the advisory that is issued from the particular Passport Office in a timely manner.

Step 4: If you will be unable to secure an appointment or do not fit into the Walk-in class, you may visit the concerned Passport Office to submit a manual passport request form if the concerned RPO allows it.

Alternatively, RPO might explore staggered appointments based on the load/capacity at each PSK under their control. In allotting positions through this mechanism, Tatkaal and other urgent requests will be given priority. Such candidates should complete the application online, obtain an 'Application Reference Number,' and bring a printed copy of the ARN Sheet to RPO.

Adult and minor categories have been established for new applications for Indian passports. Under such 2 groups, it has been further subdivided into numerous particular requirements such as page count, normal, tatkal, age group, and so on.

AGE GROUP: ADULT (Contains 36 Pages In Passport)

  • 18 or 18+ old
  • 10 years of validity
  • The number of pages in this book is 36.
  • Rs. 1,500/- (Normal Scheme)
  • Rs. 3,500/- Tatkaal Scheme

AGE GROUP: ADULT (Contains 36 Pages In Passport)

  • 18 or 18+ old
  • 10 years of validity
  • The number of pages in this book is 60.
  • Rs. 2,000/- (Normal Scheme)
  • Rs. 4,000/- Tatkaal Scheme


Passports are a need as well as a vital document. Everything is digital and is easily accessible with only a few mouse clicks. It has also made the process of obtaining a passport more simple. An easily navigable website will assist you in submitting and completing your application. It is easier to use, more efficient, and more effective. Sign up online, pay online, obtain a date at a local passport office, go there, provide the appropriate papers, and you'll be able to acquire your passport quickly after a thorough police check. And today you may effortlessly travel the globe.

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