All About Passport Renewal: Documents Required, How To Apply, And Things To Remember

A passport is issued in the Indian Republic by the MEA to the citizens of India with the end goal of international travel. A passport empowers the conveyor to travel universally and also acts as a verification of Indian citizenship according to the Passports Act of 1967. The Passport Seva unit of CPV of MEA possesses the responsible power and is answerable for giving Indian international IDs on application to all qualified Indian citizens. Indian international IDs are given at ninety-three identification offices situated throughout India and at one-ninety-seven Indian diplomats abroad.

In 2015, India gave around 12 million international IDs, positioning third solely after China and the United States of America. Approximately 65 million Indians held substantial identifications as of the finish of 2015.

A Glance At Passport Renewal

All passports issued in India have a validity of a maximum of 10 years.  After the passage of 10 years, citizens will have to renew their passports so as to keep on gaining the benefits received from their passports. You will have to renew your passport under the following conditions:

  • The validity of your passport is going to lapse in the following 3 years or has been terminated as of now.
  • Your current passport has experienced significant damage, or it has been distorted.
  • All pages are depleted in your existing booklet.
  • You want to uphold changes in specific subtleties, like date of birth, name, private location, and others.
  • Assuming you have lost your passport, re-issuance is vital. You would have to present a duplicate of an FIR close by the reissue application in such cases.
  • You should likewise apply for a reissue of your passport if your current one terminated no less than 3 years earlier back.

Assuming you face any of the circumstances referenced above, understanding the passport reissue process is of extreme importance for you. This article contains an in-depth guide that includes how to Apply for passport online, online passport renewal fees, and the documents required for passport renewal.

Who Is Eligible To Get A Passport?

All the people who are citizens of India who possess the documents required for a passport are eligible for a passport. Even newly born children can have a passport. Besides, the government of India has also made provisions for senior citizens to assist them to get their passports.

Important Documents For Renewal Passport

At the point when an applicant applies for the renewal of their passport, there are some records or documents that must be submitted alongside the application structure. In light of the kind of identification being reestablished (for normal as well as the tatkal category) along with the age of the candidate (for minors as well as grown-ups), documentation would vary. The general documents that are required for most applications are as per the following:

  1. The Original copy of the old passport
  2. A copy of the beginning two as well as the last two pages of the passport, the copy should be self-attested
  3. A copy of the required emigration check or the Non-ECR pages; the copy should be self-attested
  4. If there is any page of observation given by the authority issuing the passport, then a copy of that, the copy should be self-attested
  5. In case of passports with short validity, a copy of the page regarding validity extension; the copy should be self-attested
  6. The proof of the documents that would remove the cause of the issuance of a short validity passport.
  7. Two photographs of  the applicant, in passport size
  8. Age proof
  9. Address proof
  10. Proof of Identity

How To Apply For A Passport Through Travel Sahayata

In order to apply for the renewal of your passport, you need to follow the given steps :

  1. In order to apply online for passport renewal, you need to go to the given link Apply for passport online in India.
  2. After opening the link given above, an application form will appear on your screen and you will be asked to choose the service that you want to avail yourself of from the options given in the box.
  3. You will then have to choose the type of application that you want to apply for yourself. It is important to note that in the case you apply for a tatkal application an extra fee will be charged. Only click that option if you have an urgent requirement for the passport.
  4.  Choose the type of passport booklet you want to renew.
  5.  Fill in the details of the applicant correctly keeping all the information accurate.
  6.  Complete the details of your place of birth, your family details, etc.
  7.  Fill in the details where the applicant currently resides or fill in the present residential address details.
  8.  Fill in the emergency contact details.
  9.  In case you have any coupon code then enter it to get the offer.
  10.  After completion of the application form check it out once and click the validate and continue button.

It is important to note that the details for the date of birth and address entered should be correct and should be the same as the documents submitted.

Fees OF Passport Renewal Online

Here is the structure of the fees charged by the government:

  • In order to the renew a passport having 36 pages a normal fee of Rupees 1500 and  an additional tatkal fee of rupee 2000 will be charged
  • In order to the renew, a passport having 60 pages a normal fee of Rupees 2000 and  an additional tatkal fee of rupee 2000 will be charged
  • In order to renew, a passport having 36 pages for minors a normal fee of Rupees 1000 and an additional tatkal fee of rupee 2000 will be charged.
  • In order to renew, a passport having 36 pages in case of theft a normal fee of Rupees 3500 and an additional  tatkal fee of rupee 2000 will be charged
  • In order to renew, a passport having 60 pages in case of theft a normal fee of Rupees 3500 and an additional tatkal fee of rupee 2000 will be charged.

Few Important Things To Keep In Mind

Here are the things that you need to remember when you Apply for passport renewal

  • If there should arise an occurrence of minor candidates under 4 years old, carry a new passport-sized photo (4.5 X 3.5 cm) with a white background.
  • Try to visit the Passport Seva Kendra somewhere around 90 days after the date of the online application. In the case that you are unable to do so, the resubmission of the application would be required.
  • Carrying a printout of the application receipt is not required presently. You will get an SMS with your arrangement subtleties on your versatile number. This SMS would likewise act as a verification of arrangement.

How Can Travel Sahayata Help You Get Your Passport Renewed?

In order to help you to renew your passport, we provide you with the following features:

  • calculation of the fees required 
  • anytime and anywhere access 
  • helpless and call centers 
  • all the information you will require regarding documents 
  •  proper and useful guidance for the process of application for a passport
  • Location of police stations and PSKs
  • Some other services that are value-added
  •  integration with India post and police

About Travel Sahayata

The population of India is increasing at a very rapid rate nowadays. This along with the fact that the rate of globalization is also increasing combined has led to a lot of applications for passports. In order to meet this demand and help all kinds of people to get themselves a passport, Travel Sahayata has been launched.

Having an aim to provide a quick and transparent way for people to get their passports, we are a private consultancy having a motivated as well as a trained team. We ensure that we will deliver you all the passport services timely in a reliable man of. We have achieved this comfortable environment with the help of a streamlined process that is extremely committed.


With the help of Travel Sahayata getting passport became very easy. In case you want to renew your passport or have any queries regarding the process you can get in touch with us and get your queries solved.

FAQs Related To Passport Renewal

Here is a list of Frequently asked questions in order to answer any further questions you might have in your mind

The legitimacy of the passport would be chosen by the Assistant Passport Officer/RPO. The greatest legitimacy conceded is 10 years.

No, you really do not want to submit the original copies of all the documents. While you are expected to carry along the original copies of all the documents to the passport office upon arrival on the day of your appointment, one confirmed duplicate of the original copies is to be submitted.

You can't make rectifications to the application structure online whenever it is submitted. To address the error, you want to visit the Passport Seva Kendra and ask the resident assistance leader to roll out the essential improvements.

You can apply for the renewal of the current passport as long as a year before the ongoing passport's expiry

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