How To Apply For Passport For Students?

Are you a student who is planning to study abroad? In addition to your financial plan, there are also some very important things to consider. The most important are student passports and visas. As a future student planning to study abroad, it makes sense to get a passport as soon as possible, as Applying for a passport can be tedious and time-consuming.

What Kind Of Visa Do I Need?

Student Visas are regularly categorized primarily based totally on huge difference points

  1. Student Visa Classification Based on Program’s Duration
  2. Depending on the duration of tenure of the programme the applicant is making plans to undertake, the nations regularly divide the scholar visa into Short Term Student Visas or Long-time period Student Visas.

    • Short Term Student Visas:
    • Often, quick-time period visas are given to college students who plan to take a quick path of a language or a degree certificate path and the whole length is regularly constrained to ninety days (three months).
    • Long-time period Student Visas:
    • Long time period visas, on the other hand, are given to college students who're making plans to soak up diploma guides extending past the three months. These should encompass internships and small certificate programmes of 6 months and so on. European Union Countries regularly have this huge classification.
  3. Student Visa Classification Based on Type of Programme/ Student
  4. Irrespective of the length of the path, a few nations classify scholar visas as the foundation of a scholar. This will be the extent of diploma carried out for (undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral), alternate scholar or scholar making use of for a vocational/ degree path. Broadly speaking, as those visas additionally rely on the type of path the scholar is making use of those are really connected to tenure.

    Irrespective of the length of the path, a few nations classify scholar visas as the foundation of a scholar. This will be the extent of diploma carried out for (undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral), alternate scholar or scholar making use of for a vocational/ degree path. Broadly speaking, as those visas additionally rely on the type of path the scholar is making use of those are really connected to tenure.

How To Apply For A Student Passport Online?

The procedure for applying for a student passport is the same as the procedure for a regular passport. Applicants may be required to submit certain additional documents for this purpose.

  • Apply for a passport from the Online Passport Application Service Portal. Pay the fee required to book with PSK. Collect all required documents and documents.
  • Collect receipts and check the status of your application for updates.
  • Access PSK with a reservation.

Remember to communicate the original of the document that you mentioned in the application form. Because it is on the safe side, they wear several self-selected copies. Please wear a copy of the online payment. You will also have SMS reception. Go to the pre-check counter and get a token. When it's your turn (according to the token), go to Counter A and submit your documents. Then it is called counter B. Here, the verifier reviews the submitted documents and information. Finally, the approver reviews the application and decides whether to allow it. When approving the application form, the grant personnel sends an application to the police to review your case.

Documents Required For Student Passports

The following is a list of acceptable documents for reference to

Be sure to collect all required documents and originals before accepting your appointment. Failure to do so may result in reclaims.

  1. Proof of address (must be only in your current place of residence)
    • Invoice for the last utility bill such as water or electricity
    • Current phone bill Fixed or mobile phone bill
    • Income tax assessment resolution
    • Photo ID issued by the Election Commission
    • Current phone bill Fixed or mobile phone billPhoto ID issued by the Election Commission
  2. Adhaar card
    • Lease contract (registered)
    • For minors, a copy of their parent's passport (first and last pages)
    • Photo passbook of active bank accounts (Proposed Indian public and private sector banks and RRB
  3. Date of Birth
    • Birth Certificate Proof
    • Withdrawal certificate / Abitur certificate. Only certificates issued by accredited and educational institutions are valid.

    In addition to the above documents, Applying for a student passport may also be required to submit the following documents:

  4. Student ID Card
    • Bonafide certificate issued by the university
    • If your original education certificate is lost for the following reasons: B. Transcript retention by the current institution where the student is studying is not available. A certificate or equivalent letter may be provided. You can submit a copy of the certificate certified by the institute administrator.

Online Passport Application Fee

Individuals are required to pay ₹1500 to obtain this passport. You need to pay online at Travel Sahayata’s official website. The payment will help you book at your nearest passport office for student passport verification.

Here are several payment methods available

  • Debit Card
  • Online banking
  • Credit card
  • SBI Charan

In addition, you can generate Sharan online and access your nearest SBI branch to make payments.

Passports For Students In India

Student ID card application

The passport application form for student passports is the same as a regular passport. Easy access by visiting and registering for the Travel Sahayata Online Portal. Applicants must first create their credentials to register with the portal, then log in with their ID and password to fill out the application form. If the applicant has a stable internet connection, you can fill out the form and submit it online. Alternatively, you can download the form, fill it out as a PDF file, upload it to the portal and submit it. You need to fulfill the following eligibility terms to apply for a student passport in India.

  • Students above 18 will be considered an adult. They need to self attest to the required documents. Parents can attest to the documents in case of a minor applicant.
  • Minors are eligible to have a NonECR till he/she is below 18 years of age. Students can submit the current address proof in the name of their parents. Underage applicants need parental consent.
  • Eligible applicants are required to submit official documents for verification. The required documents are listed on the student's passport.

Student Passport Extension

All passports issued in India are usually valid for 10 years. The same applies to all student passes for applicants over the age of 18. Passports cannot be renewed one year before the expiration date of the current passport, but they can be renewed 6 months from the expiry date.

Whenever a new passport is issued, the old passport is canceled and returned to the individual.

Passport Verification: An Important Step In India

This security measure will be implemented after an individual has applied for a reissue or reissue of a passport. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. This factor depends on the document and application. What happens during a police check on an Indian passport? Police passport management will check the applicant's identity and proof of address. Local police station staff usually do this.

This review process may vary by state and standard. A police officer will visit your address and verify the information entered in your passport application. You may be required to submit documents to prove your identity.

Check Online For A Police Station Near You

After a successful check, police officers will prepare an evacuation report. The passport office will then send you your passport within 3 days of receiving the Police Verification Report (PVR) from the appropriate police station. Ideally, the relevant police station will perform the check after receiving a notification from the passport authorities. You can also apply for a police check on the Travel Sahayata website.

To apply for a police check on your passport:

Step 1: Go to the Travel Sahayata website and click Register Now.
Step 2: After completing the registration process, log in with your respective ID.
Step 3: Select "Apply for Police Customs Clearance" to transfer to the form. Fill in the details related to the form.
Step 4: Click the "Payment & Booking" option to make the payment.
Step 5: Select the Print application confirmation option. This will generate a receipt with the application reference number (ARN). You will also receive an SMS notification to the registered number.

When Do I Need To Apply For A Student Visa?

Studying overseas calls for meticulous making plans to mention the least. Students are constantly cautioned to devise their admission/ utility technique, maintain college time limits, and run backward.

Students are required to appear for English eligibility exams in keeping with the college coverage and now have required files in the region for easy processing in their utility. Hence, college students are constantly cautioned to use three-four months earlier to keep away from any last-minute rush.


When applying for a passport, students must apply at least 3 to 4 months earlier. Candidates in search of economic aid, scholarships, and training loans need to upload some other couple of greater months to the procedure as those packages take greater time. If in case, you have not replied, then you can choose us. We will get your passport efficiently in no time.

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