How To Apply For A Tatkal Passport? Fees, Eligibility Criteria, And The Documents Required

A passport is an essential document that is required when a person is traveling out of India due to many reasons like studies, holidays, medical facilities, business purposes, or to meet their family. Further, a passport also acts as an official document that can be used for various government and private purposes as it is a proof of address as well as a proof of Identity. The act for different kinds of passports was launched by the Government of India in 1967.

Tatkal Passport In India

A passport is a very important document and there is a high chance that there can be an urgent requirement for a passport. Normal Application for a passport is very exhausting and requires a lot of time. The Government of India, specifically the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) noticed this problem and launched a scheme called the Tatkal scheme which delivers your passport within 2 to 3 days of your application. Further, if Police verification is not required then the dispatch of the passport can take place in just one working day.

Under this provision of Tatkal Passports by the Government of India, passports are assigned quickly and verified quite early. In fact, there is a separate and exclusive line for the tatkal applications. The passports made by the Tatkal method are known as Tatkal passports in India and are made exclusively for applicants who have an urgent requirement for traveling out of India. Individuals who do not have an urgent requirement for a passport should follow the standard procedure of passport application and should not apply for a tatkal passport.

Procedure For Tatkal Application Of Passports

If you are someone who wants to travel out of India urgently and want to apply online for a passport, (whether normal or tatkal)and are unsure of the process, do not worry. This article provides a full guide including how to apply for a tatkal passport, tatkal passport application fees, and documents required for a tatkal passport.

Please note that the fees for the passport application under the tatkal scheme are higher than that of the normal passport application. Therefore, it is advised that you only fill up the tatkal passport application form if you have an urgent requirement for your passport.

How To Apply For A Tatkal Passport Online?

If you want to apply online for a passport you can follow the steps listed below:

1.   Go to the official website of Travel . 
2.    You will be asked whether you want a fresh passport or if you want to re-issue your passport. If you have never made a passport before, click fresh, and if you want to renew your passport click on Reissue. 
3.    Next, you will be asked about the type of your application. Click on tatkaal.
4.    Fill in the booklet type which you want in your passport. Booklets of 36 and 60 pages are available.
5.    Fill up the details of the applicant.
6.    Fill up the details regarding the place of birth and other family details.  In the case that the applicant is a minor you will be      required to click on the box to agree with the terms & condition
7.    Complete the details of the applicant’s current residential address.
8.    Fill in the details of an emergency contact.
9.    You can then enter any coupon codes that you might have; which will help you get discounts and offers.
10.  It is important that you fill in the correct details while submitting your application. Go through the details that you have entered to endure they are correct, then click  on the validate & continue button.

Following this, you will be have to make an appointment for yourself at the branch of passport service Kendra which is nearest to you. You will have to physically visit the Passport Service Kendra on your booked date to complete the procedure of making your passport. You need to carry the original copies of some documents which have been mentioned below in this article itself.

Online Tatkal Passport Application Fees

The tatkal passport application fees are different for different kinds of passports and their validity. The application fees for different kinds of passports are covered and details are below.

  • A new passport having 36 pages has a validity of 10 years including those of minors aged between 15 to 18 years, and has a tatkal application fee of Rs 3500.
  • A new passport having 60 pages and the validity of 10 years has a tatkal fee of Rs 4000.
  • In case the original passport has been lost, stolen, or theft you can issue a duplicate passport of 36 pages which will have a tatkal application fee of Rs 5000.
  • In case you want to issue a duplicate passport of 60 pages in case of theft, damage, or loss of the original passport you will be charged a tatkal application fee of Rs 5500.
  • If you want to change your name, date of birth, picture, address, or any of your details in a 36-page passport with the validity of 10 years then you will have to pay a tatkal fee of Rs 4000.
  • If you want to change your name, date of birth, picture, address, or any of your details in an INOX passport of 36 pages you will have to pay a tatkal application fee of Rs 3000.

Please note that if you want to issue a fresh passport for a minor (below 15 years) for a validity of 10 years, this is not possible. Also, you won't be charged any fees for the issuance of a certificate of police clearance, additional endorsements, and ENCR.

Documents Required For A Tatkal passport

When you are Apply online for a tatkal passport in India you will require the following documents:

  • Certificate of verification according to annexure, any of the three documents listed below can be used: Voter ID card, Service Identity Card with your photograph, a certificate declaring you as Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe or Other Backward Class, Freedom fighters ID card, Document of Property, Documents of Pension, Ration Card, a Photo ID card issued by Indian Railways, PAN, a copy of your passbook in the bank you have your account, a recognized institute’s Student Identity card, Certificate of Birth, bill of the gas connection at your home or your Driving License.

Please keep in mind that you will be required to bring the original copies of the documents as well as one set of photocopies that are self-attested on the day you visit the Passport Seva Kendra to complete the processing of your passport.

Eligibility Criteria For Tatkal Passport Application In India

The final decision on whether a tatkal passport is issued to an applicant or not will be taken by the concerned Passport Office. The concerned passport office will take the decision based on the urgency of the applicants at the same time taking into consideration other factors. However, it is important to know that there are a few eligibility criteria for a passport tatkal application. An individual who falls in the list given below is not eligible to apply for a Tatkal Passport application in India. Go through them carefully to ensure you do not fall into these categories:

  • An individual who is an Indian citizen but is born outside India. 
  • An individual who has acquired citizenship of India by registration.
  • An individual who has been deported from another country to India.
  • An individual who has repatriated on the expenditure of the Government of India from another country. 
  • An individual making an application for the change of the major’s name.
  • An individual who lives in Nagaland.
  • An individual who is of Naga origin who lives outside of Nagaland. 
  • An individual who is a Resident of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. 
  • A child having a single parent.
  • An individual making an application for a fresh passport since the previous one had been stolen or lost.
  • An  Individual whose passports have been damaged in such a way that they cannot be recognized. 
  • An Individual who has changed their sex or appearance. 
  • An individual who has a change in their Signature or other personal credentials.


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